How do you screen the applicants?

Updated 11 months ago by David Bensadon

First, we only accept applicants that have a release paper signed by their employers. It represents less than half of the helpers who visit us to apply.

Then, we meet face-to-face with every single applicant to find out more information about them. We discuss their employment history and their experience, as well as assessing their level of understanding. It helps us to provide accurate shortlists of applicants based on the family's specific needs. At this point, we accept an average of 3 applicants out of 4. 

Finally, we enable you to actively screen the applicants from home by providing comprehensive profiles with videos recorded by the helpers themselves, along with the real employment history from MOM. This helps to save time as you can quickly decide if you want to meet a specific candidate, or not.

Sometimes we will also remove applicants from our website if they are late to multiple interviews or if they do not have proper behavior with our team or our customers. We also take into account feedback from current employers.

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