Can you renew my helper's work permit?

Updated 11 months ago by David Bensadon

Yes, we can renew your helper's contract and handle the work permit renewal for you!

The agency fee is only $99. In addition you will also need to repurchase insurance (from $278 with NTUC) and there will be an additional MOM issuance fee of $30. That's it! 

To renew the contract we will need the following documents and information from you:

  1. Copy of the Official Employer's NRIC, EP or DP 
  2. Your residential address 
  3. Phone number of each adult in your household 
  4. Your helper's monthly salary.  
  5. Are public holidays considered off-days or not?  
  6. Does the salary include a food allowance or not? 
  7. Your insurance preference: with or without waiver, with or without an upgrade of hospitalization coverage (we'll discuss about it!)

On your helper's side: 

  1. Copy of her passport  
  2. Copy of her current work permit  
  3. Her mobile number and email address (if she has one, she can use e-signature. Otherwise she will visit the agency to sign the document on our computer)  
  4. The name of the nearest airport to her hometown

Once we receive these documents and information, we will prepare and send the new employment contract be to signed by e-signature. 

We will also take care of the work permit renewal. We are pretty fast so the whole process should take less than 2 days. 

The new work permit will then be delivered to your home within 5 working days.

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